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10 best companies to work for

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10 best companies to work for
1. Google


The tech giant celebrates its sixth year at No. 1 and recently bolstered its parental leave benefits. New parents, regardless of gender (including dads, domestic partners, adoptive parents, and surrogate parents), can now get up to twelve weeks of fully paid baby bonding time. Google also provides $500 of “Baby Bonding Bucks” to all new parents to use during the first three months of their child’s life.
2. The Boston Consulting Group


One of the allures of working for BCG is the ability to take a Social Impact Leave of Absence for three to 12 months. In 2014, BCG staffers worked for Techno Serve, the World Food Programme, Clinton Health Access initiative, Education Pioneers, Green Dot, Gates Foundation, Ethiopian Agricultural Agency and Yunus Social Business.
波士顿咨询公司最诱人的福利之一是,员工可以请3至12个月的“社会影响假”。2014年,许多员工短暂离职,为各大公益机构工作,其中包括Techno Serve、世界粮食计划署、克林顿健康倡议项目、Education Pioneers、绿点公司、盖茨夫妇基金会、埃塞俄比亚农业署和尤努斯社会企业项目。


Property and casualty insurer debuts on our list with astounding benefits: no limit on tuition reimbursement, no cap on paid sick days for full time employees, and a healthy 401(k) plan where company plunks 8% of pay into accounts every quarter. No wonder full-time turnover is only 1%. For more read: Acuity's worker loyalty could outlast a zombie apocalypse.
4. SAS Institute


Jim Goodnight, former statistics professor at North Carolina State, founded SAS in 1976 and is still a visible presence on the lush campus of this analytics software company. A team of 37 landscapers plant more than 3,800 flowers every year -- and they are direct employees of SAS, not contractors. As such, they enjoy generous benefits, everything from onsite childcare, health and fitness centers, a pharmacy, and subsidized meals.
5. Robert W. Baird


5、Robert W. Baird投资管理公司
Investment advisor has $120 billion in client assets and attributes success to CEO Paul Purcell's one rule: there are "no a**holes here." Over the years roughly two dozen people have been terminated for breaking that rule.


    6. Edward Jones
    The nation’s fourth largest financial services firm offers advice to some seven million individual investors through a network of more than 11,000 branch offices in the U.S. Yet Edward Jones boasts a cohesive culture as one of Wall Street’s few remaining partnerships. All associates have the opportunity to become partners, and 7,944 branch office administrators have joined the partnership ranks.


    7. Wegmans Food Markets
    Employees of family-owned supermarket chain wear name tags that bear the number of years of “incredible service” they have accumulated. Hundreds of them visit the company’s own 50-acre organic farm each year. Consumer Reports rates Wegmans as the best grocery store in America.


    8. salesforce.com
    Cloud computing pioneer more than doubled its workforce in past three years via fun-laden events like an Oktoberfest-themed "Bring a Referral" happy hour and such referral rewards as two first-class round trip airline tickets to a destination of choice along with $5,000 in spending money. The company gets 58% of new hires from employee referrals. Salesforce also offers all employees 6 paid days off per year to volunteer, resulting in more than 800,000 hours in volunteer time given back to the community.


    9. Genentech


    Employees of the biotech pioneer were the butt of an April Fool's Day joke. Genentech posted a phony story on its intranet saying that goats would be used for campus landscaping. The company even asked employees to sign up to adopt a goat, saying research shows the creatures are more productive grazers when they interact with a human. With some real goats brought onsite that day, more than 300 employees signed up. Staffers loved the goat gag. "It's GREAT working for a company that would bring in REAL goats for an April Fool's joke," one employee said. "Nice job Genentech. I love this place!"
      10. Camden Property Trust
    Fun filled is how employees describe working at this firm that owns and operates 167 apartment complexes with nearly 59,000 units across the U.S. This is largely due to culture that encourages happy hours, baby showers and an annual conference that brings managers to headquarters in Houston. The company also takes care of employees' families with fully furnished vacation suites, 20% discount on rent, and college scholarships.
bolster ['bəulstə] video 
n. 支持;长枕vt. 支持;支撑
adoptive [ə'dɔptiv] video 
adj. 采用的;有收养关系的
bonding ['bɔndiŋ] video 
n. 粘合;[机][电子] 压焊adj. 结合的;黏结的v. 结合(bond的现在分词);联系
buck [bʌk] video 
n. (美)钱,元;雄鹿;纨绔子弟;年轻的印第安人或黑人
ethiopian [,i:θi'əupiən] video 
adj. 埃塞俄比亚的;黑人的n. 埃塞俄比亚人;黑人










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