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No more opened doors?

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No more opened doors?
Should we say goodbye to chivalry in the age of gender equality?
在性别平等的时代,我们是不是要和 “骑士精神”说再见?
Chivalry arose as a response to the violence of the Middle Ages, explains an Atlantic article. Pier Massimo Forni, a professor of Italian literature and the founder of the Civility Institute at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, US, says that chivalry “was a form of preferential treatment that men once accorded to women generations ago, inspired by the sense that there was something special about women, that they deserve added respect, and that not doing so was uncouth, cowardly and essentially despicable.”
Today “chivalry” is often used as a term for “gentlemanly” behavior, manifested through courtesy toward the “fair sex”, honor, courage and loyalty.
But we see fewer chivalrous gestures these days with old-fashioned dating rituals being replaced with hook-up culture and with many women demanding to be treated equally in the workplace.
According to a 2013 survey carried out by the British Daily Mail, only one in seven men will offer their seat to a woman on a bus or train; over three-quarters of men don’t offer to help carry a heavy bag or suitcase for women.
In many cases, it’s not because these men are being insensitive, but on the contrary, they say they are reluctant to help women because they are so worried about offending them and being accused of being patronizing.
Men unsure
These men may worry too much. According to the same survey, only seven percent of women view chivalrous acts such as holding open doors as patronizing.
“Men seem confused by the modern ‘women want to be treated as equal to men’ message”, UK-based psychologist and relationship expert Donna Dawson told the Daily Mail.
“This message was primarily meant for the workplace and was never meant to replace good manners. Men will always be the stronger sex, physically, and so it is only natural for them to want to show consideration for women.”
So, should the ideals of chivalry be brought back? US writer and blogger Emily Esfahani Smith says chivalry is a virtue we should all aspire to. Writing on The New York Times website, Smith says as rape culture seems to be spreading across US campuses, many people are lamenting the death of chivalry. But chivalry is not dead yet. Slowly but surely, says Smith, chivalry is making a comeback.
An initiative called the Gentlemen’s Showcase, led by college women on campuses across the US for the past years, rewards young men for helping out others in need. Ordinary people are beginning to see that chivalry contributes to healthy relationships, says Smith. A study of more than 10,000 young people carried out by the University of Michigan found that the No 1 attribute that both young men and women seek in a mate is not money or beauty or intelligence, but kindness, which lies at the heart of the chivalrous act.
chivalry ['ʃivəlri] video 
n. 骑士精神(复数chivalries);骑士制度
uncouth [,ʌn'ku:θ] video 
adj. 笨拙的;粗野的;不舒适的;陌生的
depicable [] video 
manifest ['mænifest] video 
vt. 证明,表明;显示vi. 显示,出现n. 载货单,货单;旅客名单adj. 显然的,明显的;明白的
courtesy ['kə:tisi] video 
n. 礼貌;好意;恩惠adj. 殷勤的;被承认的;出于礼节的
lament [lə'ment] video 
n. 挽歌;恸哭;悲痛之情vi. 哀悼;悲叹;悔恨vt. 哀悼;痛惜










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