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三星新Galaxy S6手机和iPhone 6 有多像?

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 三星一度曾是全球智能手机销量的霸主,在苹果凭借iPhone 6和6 plus强势攫取了不少用户后,此番三星再次携新品汹汹而来,力图夺回王座。上周日在记者云集的巴赛罗纳2015年世界移动通信大会上,三星发布了Galaxy系列手机的最新力作:Galaxy S6和S6 Edge。 
How Samsung's new Galaxy S6 smartphones are like Apple's iPhone 6 
Once the titan ['taitən] of global smartphone sales, Samsung is looking to retake its throne[θrəʊn]  after Apple made inroads ['inrəudz] with its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. On Sunday, in a room filled with technology journalists ['dʒə:nəlists] in Barcelona [,ba:si'ləunə], Samsung used the 2015 installment [ɪn'stɔ:lmənt]  of Mobile World Congress to announce the latest models of its Galaxy line of smartphones: the S6 and S6 Edge. 
Both devices take the Galaxy ['gæləksɪ] line in a completely new direction, and on multiple fronts. The most apparent[ə'pær(ə)nt] change, at least the first time you lay eyes on the duo['djuːəʊ] , is the noticeable['nəʊtɪsəb(ə)l]  lack of plastic formerly synonymous with Samsung smartphones. With the S6 lineup, Samsung opted to go with a combination of metal and a glass housing. 
The S6 Edge features a curved display on both edges of the screen, offering enhanced functionality. (An on-stage demonstration showed custom color alerts for incoming calls, and shortcuts to favorite contacts). A revamped fingerprint sensor sits below the home button, foregoing the need for a user to swipe her or her finger across the button. Instead, he or she only needs to place a finger on the button and wait for the scan to complete. The change makes the experience nearly identical to that of Apple’s Touch ID, and appears to eliminate a complaint I had about last year’s Galaxy S5. 
S6 Edge首次在屏幕左右两边都采用了曲面屏设计,在功能性上有所提高。(在舞台演示环节中,当有电话呼入时,曲面屏会显示定制的颜色提醒,另外从曲面屏可以快捷进入常用联系人)。Home键下嵌入了一颗经过升级的指纹传感器,使用户无需像S5那样扫屏解锁指纹,而是只需将手指放在Home键上等待扫描完成即可,使用的感觉几乎和苹果的Touch ID一模一样,从而终于打消了我一年前对Galaxy S5指纹识别功能的抱怨。 
Sure to disappoint Samsung loyalists, the South Korean company ditched two features long used to mock Apple’s AAPL 0.49% iPhone: expandable storage and a replaceable battery. Looking beyond the aesthetic changes are a faster processor, higher-quality camera, curved display, and wireless charging capabilities. 
There are two features that have made the new Galaxy models more alluring to me than previous editions. The first is called Samsung Pay. The company’s mobile payment solution takes a two-pronged approach by combining a near-field communication (NFC) chip with the magnetic secure-transmission technology it acquired from LoopPay to transmit payment information between your device and a point-of-sale terminal. 
When I reviewed LoopPay last year, I found the technology to be magical, yet disappointing. I was forced to carry around and manage yet another device. The promise behind mobile payments is convenience; the LoopPay fob was not convenient. A quick refresher: You hold the LoopPay fob up to a normal credit card reader, press a button and the machine would interpret the signal in the same manner it would a card being swiped. The payment was then processed, without the machine—and often time the clerk—realizing you did anything different. 
Now that that technology is embedded into the device and combined with the ability to use NFC for payments, Samsung Pay is very appealing. And it has a leg up on Apple Pay, which is limited to working only at retail locations and outlets with the necessary equipment to process NFC payments. (This is a drawback I experienced first-hand when I tried to go a week using Apple Pay for every purchase in my small, Colorado town.) 
现在这项技术被嵌入到Galaxy S6中,而且与NFC支付技术进行了整合,使三星支付功能变得非常有吸引力。它在技术上领先了苹果的Apple Pay一步,因为后者只能在支持NFC支付的零售场所和终端使用。(这也是我亲身体验的Apple Pay的一个缺点。当时我曾试着在科罗拉多的一个小镇仅凭Apple Pay购买一周的所有用品。) 
With Samsung Pay, users won’t be caught in the middle of a spat between competing payment platforms as Apple is with the likes of CVS completely disabling NFC terminals. So go right ahead, CVS, disable NFC. The Galaxy S6 has a trick up its sleeve. 
有了三星支付,用户就不用再为了Apple Pay和CVS不支持NFC那点事儿打口水战了。所以CVS不想支持NFC就让它不支持吧,Galaxy S6另有一套绝活对付你呢。 
Another thing: Each year when Samsung would announce the latest Galaxy device, it would announce a slew of new software-based features that served little purpose. Having a smartphone watch my eyes, then scroll a webpage or pause a video based on where I’m looking? No thanks. The “enhancements” slowed down the device, drained the battery, and offered little benefit to the end user. In other words, they served only to pad the spec sheet. 
With this year’s release, Samsung cut the fat, at least with regard to its proprietary user interface known as TouchWiz. Any unnecessary menus or overzealous prompts were left out, it seems. The litany of excess apps notoriously preinstalled on the Galaxy line has been removed. All in all, the company claims to have cut down so-called software bloat by 40 percent, and the phones now include only a trio of Microsoft apps and select Samsung apps (S Health and Milk, Samsung’s music service). At least, until wireless carriers get a hold of it. 
For years, Samsung’s flagship phones have been long on features, but short on follow-through—at least to me. The new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge appear to lay the groundwork for a lineup of devices that are quite the opposite. 
多年以来,三星的旗舰手机一直是长于功能,短于跟进——至少在我看来是这样。而最新的Galaxy S6和S6 Edge则代表了三星开始选择另一条道路,并为以后的一系列机型奠定了道路。 
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