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Inside the den of wolves

2015-03-19 10:51 语泉外语     字号 [] [] []  
Inside the den [den] of wolves
For moviegoers ['muːvɪɡəʊə(r)]  who are animal lovers and people who yearn for a connection with nature, Wolf Totem is highly recommended.
Based on Jiang Rong’s novel of the same name, the 3-D adventure[əd'ventʃə]  epic['epɪk]  is about Chen Zhen (Feng Shaofeng) and Yang Ke (Shawn Dou) being sent from Beijing to 
Inner Mongolia in the 1960s to live with a nomadic [nəʊ'mædɪk] tribe [traɪb]. They are among the 17 million urban ['ɜːb(ə)n]  middle school grads in the “cultural revolution” 
(1966-76), who answered Chairman Mao’s call to go work and live with local villagers in poor provinces. After saving the life of a wolf cub[kʌb] and raising it in secret, Chen 
becomes captivated ['kæptɪveɪt]  by the ferocious [fə'rəʊʃəs], agile ['ædʒaɪl]  and intelligent creature['kriːtʃə].
French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, who also directed The Bear (1988) and Two Brothers (2004) has proven he knows how to create a movie about wild animals. While watching a 
pack of wolves ambush['æmbʊʃ]  a herd of gazelles [gə'zel]  over the snow-blanketed grasslands, I held my breath just like Chen and gray-bearded local leader Bilig (Basen Zhabu). 
And during a night snowstorm, as the wolves chased after a group of horses, I could feel the protagonists’[prə'tæg(ə)nɪst]  desperation [despə'reɪʃn] welling up in my throat 
曾执导《熊的故事》(1988)、《虎兄虎弟》 (2004)等影片的法国导演让•雅克•阿诺堪称拍摄野生动物题材的行家。我像陈阵和胡子花白的当地牧民毕利格(巴森 饰)一样,当目睹狼群在雪原上伏击一
Through Annaud’s lens[lenz]  we observe [əb'zɜːv]  the brutality [brʊ'tælɪtɪ]  of the wolves. The director’s close-up shots of the wolves are particularly impressive.
These days, many animals in films are computer animated, such as Caesar in the recent Planet of the Apes[eɪp] movies (2011, 2014) and the tiger that Yang Zirong fights in The 
Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014). But Wang Weimin, the producer of Wolf Totem told China Daily that “our movie needed real wolves”.
如今,很多电影中的动物形象都是电脑动画制作的效果,比如《决战猩球》系列影片(2011, 2014) 中的猿族领袖“凯撒”、《智取威虎山》 (2014)中杨子荣打的“老虎”等。然而,《狼图腾》的制片
British animal trainer Andrew Simpson spent three years raising and training a pack of wolves for the movie, watching them grow from cubs to adults['ædʌlt; ə'dʌlt] . During the 
shooting of the movie, leading actor Feng would play with the wolves, feed them and clean their dens. The process helped Feng develop a deeper understanding of the wild 
creature. He told Mtime that “Wolves can treat you as friends, but never as owners.”
One of Wolf Totem’s most prominent ['prɒmɪnənt] themes [θiːmz]  is the contradiction [kɒntrə'dɪkʃ(ə)n]  between nature and human civilization [ˌsɪvɪlaɪˈzeɪʃən] . To meet the need of feeding a growing population, the ecological [iːkə'lɒdʒɪk(ə)l; ek-] balance of the grasslands was destroyed. But much of this theme is presented through Chen’s voiceovers['vɔis,əuvə] , making the film a bit too didactic [dɪ'dæktɪk; daɪ-] .
Another problem with the film is the unnecessary romance [rə(ʊ)'mæns; 'rəʊmæns] between Chen and Gasma, a mother whose husband is killed by wolves. The limited interaction between the two as depicted[dɪ'pɪkt] is not enough to deliver a profound[prə'faʊnd]  love story. Chen’s relationships with his wolf and Bilig are much more compelling[kəm'pelɪŋ].
But despite a few slight narrative ['nærətɪv]  flaws [flɔː] and lackluster['læk,lʌstə 3-D imagery, there’s no denying [diˈnaiŋ] that with Wolf Totem, Annaud has crafted [krɑːft] a film upon a truly original premise.
normadic [] video 
tribe [traib] video 
n. 部落;族;宗族;一伙
agile ['ædʒail] video 
adj. 敏捷的;机敏的;活泼的
ambush ['æmbuʃ] video 
n. 埋伏,伏击;伏兵vt. 埋伏,伏击vi. 埋伏
prominent ['prɔminənt] video 
adj. 突出的,显著的;杰出的;卓越的










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